Open source recipe manager and menu planner

Recipe manager and menu planner is a web-based application to manage your recipes and plan your meals ahead. keeps track of your menu plans and generates a groceries list for you.

Built using great tools is built on the foundation of many others, it empowers containers to keep your application and data separated. The application is python based and runs on the proven Flask framework. Plug in any SQL-style database and you are ready to go.

  • docker
  • uwsgi-nginx-flask
  • python3
  • flask microframework
  • sql-style database
  • fomantic ui is open source and meant to be self-hosted. Follow the installation instructions and start managing your own recipes!

To speed up development and helping you to get started as soon as possible, many batteries are included. With Flask-Login, Flask-Babel and Flask-Migrate the application includes i18n, proven login procedures and scripts to keep your database up to date with the latest application version.

Screenshots is in an early stage so not all features are created yet or look that good at this moment. However, you probably get an idea of the system in its current state.

Built out of curiosity is a pet project by Jurian Sluiman as he kept struggling to organize his recipes and automate his shopping lists.

Get the software

The software is open source and can be found on GitHub. Please understand the software is in development and not yet finished. This means features aren't implemented yet or the application might break and you loose all your data. Please proceed with care.